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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  September 22, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> verne: the 35 and steve spurrier sees a coaching opportunity. the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of captionmax, which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions, are not responsible for the accuracy, or completeness of any transcription, or for any errors in transcription. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> gary: just a note on bruce ellington, his cousin, andre, plays wide receiver for clemson. met his aunt this morning. she said, "i get to watch south carolina and clemson, back-to-back games." >> verne: right. hansbrough, who had a fumble in the first half of play.
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let's introduce you to the poll question. which of these teams is most likely to finish in the top 10? log onto on cbs to make your voice heard. >> gary: we don't know at the end but one thing is nice. >> verne: overthrew it. >> gary: at least they're not out of contention starting in october like they have been in the past. when you have those names, the big heavyweights of college football still alive, that's good for college football. >> verne: of course, at the end of every south carolina season, at the end of every clemson season, the two teams face off and there is a big game in college football tonight as clemson in the a.c.c. goes in to tallahassee to take on e.j. manuel and florida state. that will be fun. third and nine. franklin.
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>> gary: they're going to have to go for it on fourth down too. >> verne: gary pinkel, head coach at toledo for 10 years after he -- >> gary: going to punt it or fake punt it. >> verne: is he really, ah. >> gary: i am surprised. i have to admit, i would be going for this. >> verne: did try the fake punt against georgia but the score was so much closer, not a 25-point deficit in the final minute of the third quarter. >> gary: i would just keep my offense on there and go for it. >> verne: trey barrow, number 97 with the punt. sanders will let it bounce and it will come out to the 20 yard line. >> gary: these games are long, who knows, maybe they can climb back into it another way. got a couple of plays that i thought told the story of this football game in the first half.
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remember coming out from their own -- third and about eight yards, t.j. moe in the slot, went the easy throw to the outside. ended up punting and it cost them the field position. here it is, the big play on the goal line. moe matched up. got a one-on-one throw against a back-up corner. looks the other way. i think in that situation, you've got to go to your money guy. >> verne: marcus lattimore and connor shaw still on the field. shaw with a brilliant day so far and lattimore has been very effective as well. this time, he runs into will ebner. number 32. nine tackles for ebner. didn't play in 11. had a concussion and a high-ankle sprain, both. >> gary: wound up having surgery. missouri has been outscored 30-0
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in the fourth quarter. so far, better not happen today against two major teams, arizona state and georgia. >> verne: the end of the third quarter with the score south carolina 28, the tigers of missouri three. we're testing new degree, the only antiperspirant activated directly by movement. activating protection, bear! the more you move, the more it works! [ roars ] [ screaming ] new long lasting degree with motionsense help me! keep running!
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>> verne: we welcome you back to williams-brice stadium, columbia, south carolina, verne lundquist, gary danielson, tracy wolfson on the first s.e.c. road encounter for the missouri tigers. single game record for consecutive pass completions 23, tee martin, tennessee. against south carolina. connor shaw has hit 19 in a row and the gamecocks have a second down and 11 at the 19 yard line. he will run it. oh, boy. what has most impressed you about the effort today? >> gary: connor shaw. i think because he's been able to manage his throws. a lot of these have been easy throws. missouri, you can say what you want, but when steve spurrier
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gets your number, out of those 17, 18, 19 throws, half of them have just been gimme throws -- that is, dump-offs, so i think if you're going to have to move up on the receivers and force those receivers from south carolina to beat somebody, you can't give them gimmes. >> verne: the draw play again. >> gary: nice play. >> verne: shaw has gone to this several times, steve spurrier has. >> gary: i think brad madison got him from behind that time, didn't he, number 57? >> verne: i believe so. shaw sat out the east carolina game. that was a victory here. dylan thompson looked terrific as the back-up quarterback and then reinjured that hairline fracture of the scapula on his right shoulder, and a rare four down coming up now. >> gary: gary pinkel rolled the dice that he could get a three-and-out, and he did. south carolina made a couple
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first downs. it's over. but he didn't. >> verne: marcus murphy is the deep man. has to run up for the punt and takes the fair catch just short of the 40 yard line. young man is out of flowery branch, florida, not that far outside atlanta. found a home in columbia. so, we all set?
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right back, ace sanders opened, catches the pass from connor shaw, and then shaw just a moment ago, his 19th consecutive compleegsz. that's for a touchdown. south carolina leads it over missouri 28-3. >> verne: james franklin has gone the distance at quarterback. for the tigers. dumps it off in the flat to kendial lawrence. time to introduce the duck. who are the all time winningest coaches at each school? injured player on the far side.
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>> verne: williams-brice stadium, columbia, south carolina, the gamecocks in control of this one 28-3, and a reminder that "the jeep post-game show" will be coming up at the conclusion of our telecast. we'll go back to new york with tim, spencer, and tony barnhart for an update of scores and highlights on week four of the college football season. we've got a new member in our audience up in charlotte. eight pounds, five ounces. alexandra massey. gary and christy's grandchild born this morning. >> gary: what are the odds of having a game this close? i'm driving right over there. i don't pick them up until they're at least aiary old.
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they don't trust me. >> verne: number 13? >> gary: got 12 kids. >> gary: that's been their most effective play. they've got three or four of those. that time jimmy hunt, slant fake, getting inside, i think from now on it's four-down territory for missouri the rest of the football game. >> verne: that was jimmy hunt who caught the last one, and that one is overthrown, intended for john mcgaffie, number three. >> gary: when you look at the missouri offense, it is a catch and quick throw offense. there is really not an offense in this league that, when we talked to lorenzo ward, the defensive coordinator, he said was anything close to what they do. >> gary: even when cam and tebow
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were running the spread, it wasn't this style of spread. >> verne: we'll talk about it after this play. handoff, right side. what is the difference? >> gary: there was some power with tebow and with cam. they were able to pick up first downs with their quarterback. this is a much quicker passing game. no tight ends at all in the football game. five offensive linemen and wide receivers and running backs. it's not that they can't run the ball. i don't mean that. they can run the ball but they have to do it with more finesse. >> verne: third down and four, in four-down territory. you see two of 10 today. >> gary: even as much as arkansas throws, they do it with the tight end. they don't do it with this style. four wides. hits the handoff and comes right. kendial lawrence, number four, the tackle made by quinn smith, number 24. having today.
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look at this. >> gary: you can see, there is great balance. they gain a lot of yards. on fourth down, will they go under center? >> verne: yes, they do. they bobble the snap, and i don't think he's got enough. >> gary: they didn't even have a tight end in the game. >> verne: no. >> gary: they had five offensive linemen and seven defenders. they dropped the snap. quick corners from the outside. my goodness. >> verne: it is ruled short of the first down. didn't even measure. ball goes over on downs. [ male announcer ] with a driving range of more than 550 miles
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>> verne: early fourth quarter in columbia. time to cue the duck getting back on stage. >> aflac. >> verne: and answer the "aflac trivia question." the all time winningest coaches at each school. on your left, for the missouri tigers.
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101 wins. don faurot. 64 wins, rex enright. steve spurrier about to become seven back. jim carlen. and paul dietzel who coached at army, coached here, coached at l.s.u. and coach spurrier telling us yesterday that dietzel was here last week. he's now 88 years of age and celebrating his 68th wedding anniversary. marcus lattimore has it going right. >> gary: one of the question marks i had in this game was, would the south carolina offensive line show up? because on tape -- there has been no need to. there has been enough finesse in the passing game, easy throws but their offensive line has done well enough but their quarterback is so hot, 19 for
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20, no need. >> verne: here is lattimore coming left with blockers in front, and he surges out. we've talked about will ebner in the middle for the missouri defense. how about a little more from tracy wolfson. trace? >> tracy: verne, let's go outside the huddle. the fifth-year senior has a double major and is minoring in real estate, and it's amazing he still has time for football. this year he spent more time in the weight room strengthing his core and gluts in hopes of keeping him healthy after dealing with injuries the last three years. ebner has football in his blood. his grandfather, jeff adams played with y.a. tittle at l.s.u. and you can imagine how happy he was when he found out missouri was joining the s.e.c. >> verne: indeed. there is a handoff for a first down. lattimore again.
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lattimore a real factor today. he's kind of taken a back seat to connor shaw. >> gary: but everybody knows he's there. >> verne: yeah. >> gary: and he always will be there, and every defender -- defensive coordinator that goes up there and plays against them is going to say, "remember, they've got lattimore" and they have to stop lattimore first. >> verne: first down, 10. >> gary: when you put the numbers up that steve spurrier has done at south carolina, it's amazing, you talk about the four great recruits, number one from south carolina, steve has put together eight straight top-25 recruiting classes. eight straight. when you go out and watch this team, there is more talent out there now than when we first came here to watch steve take his south carolina unit around. >> verne: lattimore going right, led by t.j. johnson.
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>> gary: remember, he's adjusted. he's taken his fun-and-gun and he uses two tight ends now. it's a line-of-scrimmage league. >> verne: this is for 20 in a row. he's got it. 20 completions in a row for connor shaw. >> gary: you think he knows it, by the way? >> verne: i don't know. >> gary: you start to pull the string a little bit. you know? i thought he aimed this one a little bit. nice catch. >> verne: looked a little like the aflac duck, didn't it? >> gary: yeah. >> verne: nice catch by damiere byrd. >> gary: i wonder if he knows. you can feel it. they get tighter. back-to-back years he beat the big three. the big three are coming up.
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>> verne: connor shaw having ia splendid day, his mom and dad among the crowd here in the stands. his dad with the headphones on and a slight beard. on the left, his father, lee, and his mother, dawn, sitting facing the sun, watching their son. >> gary: got to get on the other side. >> verne: you would think they would have enough clout to get over here, wouldn't you? >> gary: 20 in a row gets you in the shade. >> verne: that's right. [laughing] >> verne: 20 in a row. second down, eight. >> verne: blitz. lattimore. just a modest gain. one of the stories coming into this game was the suspension of safety d.j. swearinger. he was suspended because of that play, and the play was reviewed by steve shaw, coordinator of
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officials, and they ruled him out for one game. you had a chance to talk to steve. >> gary: there are two starts to this -- two parts of this story. they're trying to protect a defenseless player and i am all for that and that play deserved that type of system and that call, however, fine points about this, number one, it sets the bar in this conference. from now on, every hit like that will be a suspension, and number two is, it isn't steve shaw that makes the decision. it's by rule, the commissioner himself that makes the decision. that's the part of the rule i think that needs to be changed. we don't need our commissioners making decisions like that. that should be put to someone like shaw. they should be organizing who does it. i think the commissioners of all the conferences, by the way, that are making the decisions should be out of that system. >> verne: that's it for connor shaw for the day. we wish we could tell you that he has a school record of 20
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consecutive passes. >> gary: we're calling it. >> verne: do you think it is? i think we're safe. dylan thomps, who engineered the win over east carolina university looked terrific in that game and came on in the second half of last week's game against u.a.b., and here is kenny miles going to the right side. connor shaw. what a day he's had. >> gary: yeah. shave the head, get a kiss from the o line coach. i think he's been smart running the ball. he's keeping himself alive, a day to remember, when i said big three, i mean south carolina's big three. that's tennessee. that's georgia. and that's florida. that's who they're going to face up here and shaw is going to have to play to this level to beat those guys. >> verne: here is thompson. incomplete.
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shaq roland the receiver. >> verne: that's behind kenny miles. he reaches back and makes the grab. 5:22 to go. e.j. gaines, number 31, made the stop. a field goal forthcoming. adam yates, only one of two for the year. senior from sparks, maryland.
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seth strickland will hold it to pad the lead. perfect. 4:45 to go in this one. 31-3 with 4:45 to go. some days are better than others. last part of last year and the first part of last year really fine for steve spurrier. or get the yard ready for cool weather? the answer? a lot less. the great american fix-up is going on now... ...with new projects every week and big savings every day. so you can do what needs to be done.
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